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  • The blinds system 70 was developed to be applied externally to the aluminium window, mainly to work as an extra protection to the sun, as well as create an additional barrier against the weather and to improve either thermal or acoustic isolation performance of the building.

  • The system has the function of creating a barrier against insects and it simultaneously provides the same opening in the vertical position to the disappearance of or access to the exterior of the house. Application: external / internal aluminium frame.

  • The mail box is an article developed for the reception of mail. It’s composed of an aluminum collector with several possibilities of configuration, considered entrance and the exit from opposing sides of the box with reference (2F).

  • This article was designed to perfectly case the profiles at a 45º. It’s made out of aluminium and closes with an stainless steel pin. It should be applied together with an inox alignment joint to assure a perfect and rust free casing. Application: inside the aluminum profile. 

  • The weather strip with fin is applied mainly to create an additional barrier against the weather and to improve either thermal or acoustic isolation performance of the building. Application: in the aluminum profile channels normally in standard windows or other, such as blinds, mosquito nets... Item sold in boxes (3 rolls). Meters multiplied by the...

  • As the name indicates , this product was developed to assure the ventilation of closed areas. Built out of aluminum, it is fully integrated on the window with very little awareness to its presence. It also has an internal sealer to improve the isolation to the weather and sound. (20 UNIT BOXES) Application: on the aluminum profile.

  • Due the need for an article that would provide greater value to the running series increasing, comes the multipoint locking with different options but with the same purpose: extra security of housing. It has a system of anti-elevation of the window / sliding door. It´s perfect for mid-range and higher solutions    Ideal for mid-range and higher solutions....

  • (MINIMUM 20 UNITS) This “Comfort” handle distinguishes from the others due to its curvy design, right or left. This model avoids accidentally touching the window's aluminium profile when opening or closing. It’s consistent with the curve line of the “Easy” model. Application: on the multipoint inserted on the profile.

  • (MINIMUM 50 UNITS) Built of extruded aluminum with an stainless steel axis for a better fixation to the profiles allowing that they suffer closure and opening. This article is packed two by two units. Application: Frame and sheet of the tilt series of aluminum.

  • The sliding lock distinguishes from the others due its strength because of its technical features. It has modern design suitable for any kind of contemporary window solution. Sliding lock with automatic recovery.

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